The Design Museum

Sneakers Unboxed Exhibition sponsored by StockX.

'My take on the exhibition was to tell the story of the people that have impacted the culture. What was their stamp on the culture?

Sneakers symbolise the cultural evolution that it facilitates. If you look at a Jordan or Nike X Off-white, you see the age, the time and era it beholds in. Sneakers are the modern-day artefact.

They are this fascinating lens and representation to such a diverse demographic. It's hard to say many products in the world have this level of potency without compromising the identity of an individual.'

'To visually communicate sneaker culture as a whole felt like it needed a foundation, branding in a loose sense. I went back to more traditional methods of design, deliberately restricting myself from using digital software. The branding had to be the equivalent to humans discovering fire.

When I was far too young to understand how to properly use a paintbrush, I used to paint with my hands all the time. That child-like, somewhat primitive and pure mentality to create was the foundation of my idea.

To flip it, I applied paint onto the base sole of a Nike Air Force. This resulted in many relief prints. After multiple experiments with the amount of paint being used, followed by how hard I stamp the shoe onto the paper, I discovered how the force of impact represents the human element to the narrative. That force down was our impact. That's us running on sports day. That's us climbing up a hill. Walking with our friends. To tell the story of sneaker culture is to tell the story of how we interact with these objects.'

Pairs of Nike Air Force, Adidas Stan Smith, Converse All Star Chuck Taylor, and Vans Classic were used with upcycled paper and waterbased printing for the printing process before being scanned and given the finishing touches and layouts in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.


• Graphic Design

• Printmaking